Fui Sin Haber Nacido

Edition of 200

58 pages

Published with Antenna

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Fui Sin Haber Nacido is a photo book that documents my relationship between New Orleans and Latin America, specifically using archival material from my family, as well research done about the Latinx community in New Orleans in the 20th century. Preserving a history through documents and newspapers about the community that was built during the banana trade. The book navigates, in chronological order, the impact of Latin Americans in New Orleans until present day post-Katrina, and traces the community of migrants who reconstructed our city. Today, Louisiana is rapidly becoming the epicenter for migrant detention, with prisons being built in rural areas and collecting asylum- seekers for profit and political gain.

If It Hurts Don't Stop: Memories from the 7th Ward to Chalmette


Edition of 50


red and black ink on cream-colored paper

available for purchase through e-mail with me, or in person at:

1418 Fulton independent art book store in Fresno, CA

Defend New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

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