Archive and Memory Workshop, Managua, Nicaragua

In collaboration with El Labo, and the Alianza Francesa de Managua, I curated and co-created an archival photo workshop with my project Imagenes de Nicaragua. Guests brought in  photos, stories, and multi-generational family members, and we discussed the importanace of preserving images that tell histories, specifically in Nicaragua where there is constant political turmoil, and the state of surveillance interferes with contemporary storytelling.

NOVAC Experimental Film Workshop

In summer of 2021, I led an experimental video workshop (part of a summer camp series) where high school youth were able to explore themes of identity using tools they already had: a phone for video, and various types of colors and markers. After printing on the stills of their home made videos, we hand painted them, and put them into video editing softwares and presented them at the end of the summer camp.

Las Sierras  Sex Education Art Class

In collaboration with Sex Education teacher Edith Romero, and Las Sierras program at Carver High School, I created art classes to accompany the Sex Ed curriculum that Edith was teaching in Spanish to ELL students. We used magazines to cut out scenes that were relevant to what they learned in the education part of the course (i.e. healthy relationships, consent) , took portraits on polaroids, and created a collage with information they learned in class, and information about themselves.

Antenna Paper Machine Workshop

Using found super8 film, and art materials, I invited friends to attend this workshop during my residency with Paper Machine. We handpainted on film and projected the films at the end of the day. 

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